Blythe Fest 2015

Blythe Fest is the annual convention for Australian Blythe doll collectors. I was part of the 2015 event’s organising committee and created the Blythe Fest 2015 website to promote the event and provide information to attendees.

The responsive site was designed and built by me using WordPress and includes graphics designed by me that tie in with the ‘Holiday’ theme of the event. The logo was designed in gold type, to play on the event’s location on the Gold Coast. The blonde ‘mascot’ of the event was sketched by another committee member and I digitalised her in Adobe Illustrator.

To engage attendees, the site incorporates social media such as photos uploaded to flickr and Instagram. I also designed facebook and flickr cover and profile photos.

2015 was the first time the convention has had a dedicated website.

  • Project type: Web design and coding, graphic design, logo design, social media
  • Project date: 2015
  • Technologies used: WordPress, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
  • Website: